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Vintage 80s Burgundy Shoe Clips Made In England New And Unused-Accessories, For Her-Brand Spanking Vintage

Vintage 80s Burgundy Shoe Clips Made In England New And Unused

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Back in the eighties a popular addition to the low heeled pumps which were the fashion (along with the pie crust collars and the Burberry raincoats now enjoying a revival!) was a pair (or pairs) of shoe bows which transformed said pumps into more dainty or dressy footwear. This eliminated the need to lug an extra pair of shoes into the office for the evening festivities. For some reason (more disposable income and more shoes?) these fell out of fashion and are now difficult to find except in quite blingy incarnations. We have several pairs of deadstock items from that era, all slightly different in navy, black or burgundy. This pair is a burgundy grosgrain, a  simple bow. They simply clip onto the front of the shoe, quickly transforming a plain shoe, without permanently changing it. These were made in Great Dunmow, England and date from the 80s. They would look great on black shoes for a classic look but would also add an edge to other colours depending upon your outfit. The remaining pairs are listed above.

Very Lady Diana, understated and elegant, stylish and very retro and much cheaper than a new pair of shoes...